Goals and what's up


One of the current goals and focus' of Youth Out Loud is to expose and talk about physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual abuse. The silence around violence still exists and we want to help break that silence.

We are collecting stories for our survivor anthology. This is for all ages. Please see the Survivor Anthology page for more details.

We need to break the cycle of violence. We need our leaders and politicians to step up to the plate, for people to believe youth/adults when they disclose. Our social service systems need to change if they are going to be effective and functional, if people are going to ever feel safe. Our justice system needs to change too. What can our schools and leaders do to make a difference? What would help you feel safe enough to break your silence?

Some of the other projects we want to get off the ground include stage plays, a documentary film (one day) workshops for youth and more!


Youth Out Loud hopes to help provide a way for people to see reflections of themselves in others.





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