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Stop Sexual Abuse.

Dedicated to ending violence and child abuse.

Youth Out Loud is also dedicated to treating youth as equal citizens, fighting for justice and youth rights.


Young people have important things to say and deserve to be heard. They deserve to have space to share their experiences, goals, problems, concerns and hopes.

In a world where racism, sexism, homophobia and violence against youth are so prevalent, it's important for there to be space and outlets for youth to express social and political thoughts through creativity, outreach, discussions and events. Some of this work also includes young adults and adults, particularly for our annual event and walk to stop child sexual abuse. It is for all ages. Youth Out Loud has many goals and some include all ages survivor anthology, youth social theatre project and more.

We believe that too many decisions are made about youth without consulting them. Does the world really know what young people think about politics, family violence, sexuality, race issues, climate change, the arts or the systems developed FOR them, like the school system or the foster care system?

Are we able to read the body language of young people who are being abused? Can we truly recognize the signs, and if we do, do we know how to deal with what our gut tells us?

Youth Out Loud believes we must do all that we can within our power to make a difference and to help, even if it's one child. That one child can grow to help others and so on, until the world is healed, one person at a time.


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Space to discuss and express ideas: youth rights, LGBT issues, racism, sexism and understanding of the social and political climate through the arts, writing, theatre, activism and more.